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Videos Contributions osCommerce Spanish

Here you can find osCommerce contributions videos, how to use them in our stores osCommerce. Gradually I will be updating the content, and if anyone wants that I explain to request a contribution in particular then may inform me Videotutoriales Contribuciones osCommerce

Videos osCommerce

2 Steps Simple Checkout

We save all the customer registration information and select the shipping method or the method of payment on one page and then give the customer the option to confirm your order.

Add Cart Prestashop

Effect Prestashop when adds a product into the basket in product details. Effect jQuery called transfer.

Advanced Search - Attributes

This contribution will replace your existing advanced_search.php and advanced_search_results.php pages. It will give you the ability to search products using their attributes. After replacing these two files you will be able to select their attributes from a drop down list box then after submitting your query the results will be limited to your selection.

Ajax Buy Now

Ajax direct purchase without leaving the page of product in our store.

ajax login

Attractive effect to login on virtual shop.

AJAX Orders Editor

Modify orders once entered via the admin, add / remove products and quantities.

Ajax Search Suggest

Suggests a list of products from the search box from the letters written by the customer.

All Products SEO

Sampling of all the products in the store, including pager and dial by first letter.

Attributes values update after attributes select

This is an admin module for the products attributes page that, after you select an attribute for a product, it updates the attributes values to only show the proper values for the selected attribute instead of all values.

Bundled Products

Creating product packages, for example: We sell shoes and socks. The shoe costs 15 € and 5 € sock, then create a new product that will be the union of the shoe and sock, selling for € 10, when purchasing both separately would have cost us € 20.

Catalog products PDF reports

We generate a PDF catalog of our products, this version is adapted for PHP 5.0 and png images, jpg and gif.

CKEditor [wysiwyg]

Wysiwyg editor HTML more modern than tinyMCE and FCKEditor, to enrich our text with bold, italic, justified, images, etc.

Define Mainpage

Enter text or image from the admin to appear on cover.

Discount Coupon Codes

Create discount codes for our store and get discounts on purchases from customers.


For when we are making changes in our shop, or we\'re going on vacation, you should temporarily close the store so that there are no orders, no new records.

Dynamic SiteMap V 1.0

We show the Site Map to our shop to help customers and search engines. In the administration tool available to create the XML which is then sent to Google to record our data.

Enable & Disable Categories

Enable or Disabled our categories inside the shop.

Export/Import XLSX

Export / Import of files .XLSX

Featured Products

Select products from the administration and come out in front.

Google Analytics (beta) with E-commerce

This module allow you to integrade the advanced e-commerce (beta) Analysis provided by the Google service named Analytics ( more info about the Google service on the official page: ).

Google XML Sitemap SEO

Create dynamic XML files with content regarding our products, categories, manufacturers, internal structure of the store to send it to Google.

Header Tags SEO V 3.0

Creation of \"meta\" dynamic, title, description, keywords to help position us in the search engines.

Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

Create content in our store. We can create as many pages as you like.

More_Pics_6 for 2.2 ms2

Add UP to 6 more Pics to Oscommerce 2.2 ms2. This will allow you to use 0-7 pics with oscommerce

must accept privacy

Checkbox field for the user or customer where he must notifie that in accordance with the terms of use and privacy of the store to proceed to continue the registration process or the store purchase.

Must agree to Terms

Obligation to accept the conditions of use before completing the order.


Add section for news and information in our shop.


Only valid for Spanish shops, where he joins the field of NIF and is found to be valid and thus diminish the amount of fraudulent purchases.

On the Fly, Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library

We resize our images for which are not distorted by making them smaller.

Option Images for Products

For each attribute \'color\' of each product we can assign a color image and mini image display, for ajax clients can see samples of your product in a different color click of a mouse.

Optional Related Products 1.0

We will refer to products that may be related to another, appearing in these product details we want.

Options as Images

This contribution will allow you to assign an image to each of your products options values. The options available for each product are then shown as a \"grid\" of images from which the customer can select via radio buttons. The admin side of this contribution provides a facility for uploading images for each product option and also some configuration options to control the behaviour of the options as images function.

osC reCaptcha

Validator users in the forms of the store to avoid spam on these shipments.

osCommerce-2.2rc2a SPARX

Version osCommerce Rc2a Sparx, with the default inclusion of the following contributions: * Mindsparx (Modern Design admin). * CKEditor (WYSWYG, to enrich text editor). * Xajax (Technology Ajax) * New part catalog with change from gray to black.

PDF data_sheet maker 1.1

PDFs generator for each product, downloadable from the product sheet, editable also be downloaded in any listing. It will be a single PDF for the product that the customer needs.

QTpro v1.0 - Quantity Tracking Professional

Allows you to keep track of stock of products and options. You have one product, but different sizes and colors and need a solution to set quantity for this. QTpro fixes this.

Quantity Price Breaks Per Product

1) Quantity pricing per product (unlimited number of price break levels as of version 1.3.x) This is useful if you need to give your customers different prices based on the quantity they order. (volume discounts) The product information page will display a table of the price break prices if a product has been configured to use price breaks. 2) Ability to force products to be sold in lots of # quantity. (The shopping cart will enforce this). This is useful if you only want to sell say, cases of a product, but do not want to price the product by the case. (For example, if I sell a product in lots of 12 units, the shopping cart will only allow the customer to specify multiples of 12)


For news that our readers are up to date information regarding our site.

Search Tag Cloud

Tag cloud in our online store to highlight those searches conducted on our site.

SEO images

Contribution of great help to further position our store, your mission is, once uploaded the new product, a name assigned to the image as follows -> manufacturer-name. (jpg, png, gif).

Separate Pricing Per Customer

Differential pricing for groups of customers both product price, as bid, and attribute. OsCommerce Contribution more complex if there are contributions already installed.

Shopping Cart jQuery

Added new functions to shopping_cart.php with jQuery.

Sitemap SEO

This contribution fixes many of the deficiencies of the other sitemap contributions. It has been tested in MS2 and RC2 shops but should run in any variation of oscommerce. All settings are controlled via admin. It has the following following features. - Displays all pages and boxes - no missing links or text - Displays categories, with or without products - Displays manufacturers, with or without products - Links can be sorted - Links can be excluded - Links can be set to show for registered customers only - Sections of links can be sorted - Sections of links can be excluded - Sections of links can be set to show for registered customers only - All links have configurable anchor text - All links have configurable alternate display names - All sections of links can be placed anywhere on the sitemap page via admin - Supports Articles Manager Infopages Page Manager

Smooth Pictures

To avoid pixelation and distortion of images when the image is larger show how to show it.

Sort order by drop down menu for product listing

We can choose to order products on the price product_listing.php by name or through a drop_down in ascending or descending.


Payment online with tarjet card CECA.

Ultimate SEO URLs

It helps build our store URLs more friendly for search engines, for example calling the URL with the product name or story, etc.


Improved version of Ultimate SEO URLs with the ability to edit our friendly URLs, for both products and categories. The improvement is considerable.

Wysiwyg Editor [tinyMCE]

Html editor for textareas to enrich our content with bold, italic, justify, images, tables, etc..
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