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osCommerce Community Contributions

osCommerce contributions Download pdf a click of a mouse, easy and simple, on the right image. I'll update the PDF as you locating interesting osCommerce contributions. In total there are about 5,600 in the community, even I need to look around 5,000! Basic osCommerce Contributions PDF

osCommerce Contributions

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3 x 2
This module offers a free product to get 3 products, the discount is the cheapest of the 3 items you choose.

404 Search Page
This contribution allows you to setup a customer error page that takes the URL and searches for matching products. When you upgrade to a new Oscommerce site your page name will all change and the search engines will link to the old files for sometime. This contribution will help users find what they are loking for.

7 formas de ver el product_listing (listado de prductos)
Here we have 7 different views for your product listing table, I have only seen a few on here so thought I would post these.

Account create in Admin
Ability to create customers from the admin.

Actual Attribute Price V1.0
This contribution is designed for those of us who would rather use a product attributes actual price rather than use a calculator to figure out the option price. Example: -------- Tire A Price: $84.99 Options: Size 1 Size 2 ($89.99) Size 3 ($95.99) Size 4 ($109.99) Versus ------- Tire B Price: $84.99 Options: Size 1 Size 2 ($5.00) Size 3 ($11.00) Size 4 ($25.00)

Add Blog
If we have a blog with BDD created and in another domain, this contribution we make our integration with osCommerce using an iframe.

Add Items, Cost & Weight details to status bar
Displays the number of products in the basket, the total price and shipping weight itself in the status bar of your browser.

Add Many Quickies 1.00
Knowing the pattern and amount that we can add to the basket up to 30 products directly.

Add multi Products
In a list of all products in a subcategory, including attributes for each product and the quantity box with 1 click can add multiple products with multiple quantities to the basket.

Add multi Products checkbox
In the list of products will see a checkbox for each product, we can select 1 or several products and are inserted directly into the cart.

Add multi Products for SPPC
In a list of all products in a subcategory, including attributes for each product and the quantity box with 1 click can add multiple products with multiple quantities to the basket. Adapted for those already you may have installed SPPC contribution, which according to the price difference Role of customer you have.

Add percentatges by country and postal code – Spain IVA
Allows adding a percentage to a total final amount of a country or zip code. Add 16% to all provinces except zip codes beginning with 07 (Las Palmas), 35 (Islands), 38 (Tenerife), 51 (Ceuta) or 52 (Melilla).

Add Quantity to Listings
To add a quantity field in the list of products or also called product_listing.php.

Add This - Over 50 social networks and bookmark destinations
We share our product tab pages as news in any of the over 150 existing social networks.

Adding Price Per Item in Shopping Cart Box
Displays the price along with the amount and description of each Item in the basket box.

Admin Categories/Products with Manufacturers Combobox 1.0
Profit from the admin to query the list of categories.php, also by brands, with a dropdown to select it.

Admin Change Customer Passwords
Create a page in the administration area where you can select any customer and enter a new password.

Admin Levels
Simply to use htaccess to protect the administrator, so you can form and by entering the admin and other administrators to define business and take charge of the areas, through permits issued.

Admin products Paging
Those stores that have many products, these pages are divided by showcasing their stock.

Advanced CartBox
Improved default osCommerce box showing the attributes of the product, more buttons to increase +1 or -1 units of the same or even eliminate it from your basket, without having to visit the shopping_cart.php.

Advanced Search - Attributes
This contribution will replace your existing advanced_search.php and advanced_search_results.php pages. It will give you the ability to search products using their attributes. After replacing these two files you will be able to select their attributes from a drop down list box then after submitting your query the results will be limited to your selection.

Ajax advanced and box search v1.0
Added AJAX technology in the advanced search form and search box on your independientemene.

AJAX Attribute Manager
Tired of how difficult it is to insert the attributes in the admin, with this tool and help you to dramatically accelerate Ajax this arduous task without refreshing the page.

Ajax Buy Now
Lets you add to cart without reloading the page.

Ajax com
System to search for products auto suggestive.

Ajax Order Editor
Modify orders once made via admin, add / remove products and quantities ...

Ajax Single Page Checkout
Added an alternative for customers who want to do the checkout and complete an order faster. Displays a new page to undertake all steps in 1 in ajax.

Ajax vote system with top ten list
If you are not comfortable with the basic feedback system of osCommerce this system might not like. Each person can score once (on the basis of their IP) and can show the top ten votes. The help of ajax can vote without reloading the page.

All categories & Subcategories Page
This contribution produces a page with a list of its categories and subcategories.

All Customers Report
This contribution generates a list of all customers and their addresses, arranged alphabetically by surname. The data can easily be copied / pasted into spreadsheets or import from other management software.

All Main Categories
This module shows all nonzero main categories in the columns with images and names (such as new_products module).

All Manufacturers
Page where are all the logos of our manufacturers, useful for when we want to account for our brands visually.

All Manufacturers and their products Categories
This contribution adds a box with a link to a page with all Categories manufacturers and their products listed. It shows the number of products within each category.

All Products Page
On a single page will display all our products by categories, good for google, i good for our users more impatient.

All Specials Slideshow
Replaces the special offers box with a slideshow that flips through all active specials.

Allow Guest Reviews
This mod will allow guests to write reviews. If a user is not logged in, they will get 2 input boxes (for first and last name) when writing a review. If they are logged in, the name is filled in for them. I reccomend using the \"review approval\" system with this mod.

AP URL Rewriting
This contribution provides Search Engine Friendly URLs easily and efficiently using Apache URL Rewriting Engine and PHP HTTP Redirection.

Ask a Product Question
Customers often will not refer to a model number or a correct product name when asking about a product. This add-on will guarantee the correct product info and question are sent to the appropriate person.

ASN Forum for osCommerce
There are several forum for osc (phpBB bridge), however I didn\'t want to have very sophisticated forum system. ASN Forum is simple and do the job very well. Presently the forum allows everyone to post but it is very simple to restrict posting only for your customers (it will be done in spare time) Enjoy my forum contrib (screenshot included).

Association module V1.0
This contribution allows the shop owner, to support any organization (e.g. charity organizations, sports organizations and so on) with a certain percentage of every order. The customer may choose during the order process which organization to support with a percentage of his order.

Attribute Information
This mod adds a small logo next to each set of product attributes that are displayed on your product_info.php page, and is a very quick and easy way to let your customers know some more information and help them to make the right choices about their order.

Attribute Product Codes V1.0
This contribution will allow you to add codes to each product attribute based on a per item only basis. This is so that if you have 2 suppliers having different codes for say a colour red attribute you can have a different code for each. The attribute product code will be used as a suffix to the base product code.

Attribute Qty Product Info
List the product attributes on the product_info.php page in a table instead of the pull-down menu. Adds a quantity input box for each attribute. Shows the actual price with the attribute instead of the \'+/- XXX\'. Lists the model number.

Attribute Search
This contribution allows product option attributes to be searchable in the standard algorithm that does regular searches. No extra fields in the search form, no extra entries in the admin side... If the product contains an option name that matches a search word, or an option value name, it will match for the search...

Attribute Sets
Create an Attribute Set by clicking \"Attribute Sets\" in the Catalog are of your osCommerce Administration. Select an Option Name (e.g., Sizes, Colors, Memory, etc...). Then select how many item in the Option Drop Down list you need (e.g. if you list is for Sizes you may need a list size of 3 for Small, Medium, Large). Then you click Ok. The next page you will have three attribute rows that you can set values for, then give this Attribute Set a name. That\'s it.

Attribute Sets Plus
This contribution builds on the original Attributesets contribution. It provides the ability to add a set of predefined attributes (herafter known as an Attribute Set) to a product.

Attributes Copier
Quick copy selected options with all option values assigned to one source product to many others.

Attributes Download Manager
This contribution allows easier control of the product attributes downloads section.

Attributes values update after attributes select
This is an admin module for the products attributes page that, after you select an attribute for a product, it updates the attributes values to only show the proper values for the selected attribute instead of all values.

This hack helps you to save a lot of time to setup products options. Just generate products-options-lists and assign them to the products of your choice. Now you are able to share a single options-list between multiple products.

This script is excellent for you pleople who are just selling 1x of a items or want to get some more action on you website. Good luck, and I hope this can end up beeing a much better script then what it is now.

Auto change currency based on IP address location V1.0
Contribution to find customer IP address, look up the location of that IP address and change the currency of the store to the currency that country uses (as defined in database).

Auto mysql backup
This script makes a backup your oscommerce database and emails it to your email address.

Auto redirect HTTP to HTTPS (SSL)
This is a very simple and small mod to let osCommerce admin automatically switch from HTTP to HTTPS (SSL).

Auto Send Birthday Email (cron)
It uses cron - you can set the cron to run the php script, don\'t even bother looking at the birthday report everyday :-)

Auto Sort Products
This contribution allow the administrator to set the default sort order for the product listing when clicking on a catagory in the shop You can turn this option on and off, set which column the sort is on and which direction (Ascending or Descending) The options can be found in the Product Listing page in admin.

auto state dropdowns depending on country
We have a problem with some new customers failing to enter the proper state for their address. Apparently they don\'t enter a value for the state name that osCommerce can find in the zones database and therefore osCommerce returns an error message and a dropdown for the state with the state of Alabama being selected. Obviously the customers are not reading the error message and okay the \"updated\" address without noticing that the state they entered has been changed to Alabama. To solve this problem I designed this modification so that osCommerce will display a dropdown list appropriate for each country, or a text input box if there are no zones defined for the selected country. As the country dropdown is changed so does the field for the state.

We have the choice of our user is reminded to re-open the page because now the session is lost if we close the browser.

Automatic Thumbnail
Thumbnails Creator for our images. To avoid leaving small pixelated to them.

Bundled Products
Creating a product from 2 or more products already created and sell it for that price, saving money if purchased separately.

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